DIY Application Kit

Select this option if you want to color your tubes yourself (DIY).

Order the light dye if you match these tones:

These Skin Tones, order Light Dye Kit

Order the dark dye if you match these tones:

VANISH Dark Dye Skin Tones


Order Custom Color Application Service

Select this option if you want VANISH to color your hearing aid tubes.

VANISH will send you the following:

    A color wheel you will use to select your color.

    A small box that will serve to contain your                hearing aids with the tubes, or just your hearing        aid tubes and a shipping box.

    An order form you complete with your shipping        address and your color choice.

    A prepaid return address label, sent to you by email, used to return the above to VANISH.


   Feel free to call or text us at 303-587-3261     or email us here

   We want to help!

DIY Dye Kit

Includes FREE Shipping to U.S. addresses.

Order the Light Kit if you have chosen L1—L6. 
Order the Dark Kit if you have chosen D7—D9.



Custom Color Application Service

A custom coloring service where VANISH processes the customer's hearing aid tubes.