What is VANISH?

VANISH is an exciting new product available in two options:

  • A DIY Application Kit (Light or Dark) designed for the easy and accurate dying of your hearing aid tubes. See the kit here.  

  • A Custom Color Application Service where VANISH dyes your hearing aid tubes.

VANISH greatly reduces (some say eliminates) the visibility of your hearing aids by coloring and extinguishing the reflectivity of your RIC and thin wire hearing aid tubes.

It is a scientifically formulated dye that produces nine blending skin tones . . .

 Hearing Aid Tube Colors by Vanish

                   that will make this:

 Standard Hearing Aid Tube

            look like this:

 Vanish color hearing aid tube

“I just want my hearing aids to match my skin color. 
It’s important to me!"

VANISH DIY Application Kits and the Custom Color Application Service

are $49.90 (for two hearing aid tubes).

FREE shipping within the United States

“My VANISH took me ten minutes to apply and has hidden my hearing aids from sight! The color blends seamlessly with my skin tone and the glare of clear plastic tubes has gone. This is a revolutionary and long overdue solution to an all too common problem for hearing aid wearers. Amazing!”
— Richard C., Vista, CA


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